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Serving Florida with over 15 years experience working all breeds of horses, Jeremy Zackowski has the knowledge to bring out your horse's full potential. Whether starting colts, breaking bad habits or desensitizing, Jeremy’s gentle training technique ensures that your horse reaches every goal you set with minimal stress or trauma. Your horse can be worked during on-site lessons at your location or you can opt for full-board training at our facilities.

Diamond Z Horse Training not only trains horses, but also strives to improve total horsemanship, by educating owners about training techniques, proper care and riding evaluations. Every session with your horse is documented and reviewed with the owner, noting areas of improvement and suggestions for care once the horse returns to your property. Before concluding his training, Jeremy requests that each owner ride one session on their horse to ensure goals were met and riders have an understanding of what they need to do to maintain the level of training provided.

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